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The Wife
Meg Wolitzer
Paperback | Jul 2018
6 in store $12.99
To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Jenny Han
Paperback | Jul 2018
3 in store $14.99
The Darkest Minds (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Alexandra Bracken
Paperback | Jun 2018
8 in store $10.99
Harry & Meghan
Angela Peel
Hardcover | Jun 2018
not in store $24.99
(available for order)
Sharp Objects (Movie Tie-In)
Gillian Flynn
Paperback | Jun 2018
5 in store $12.99
Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Novelization
Stacia Deutsch
Paperback | Jun 2018
5 in store $8.99
The Art of Incredibles 2
John Lasseter
Hardcover | May 2018
1 in store $55.00
Adrift [Movie tie-in]
Tami Oldham Ashcraft
Paperback | May 2018
1 in store $19.99
On Chesil Beach (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Ian McEwan
Paperback | May 2018
2 in store $19.95
Death Wish
Brian Garfield
Paperback | Jan 2018
not in store $18.95
(available for order)

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Staff Pick - Marie JoséeSee more
When Miryem takes over her father’s position as the village moneylender, little does she know that she will attract the attention of the Staryk king.  Because Miryem is not only talented at collecting money, she can turn silver into gold.  Before long, she will find herself with the daunting task of saving her land from an everlasting winter and herself from the cold custody of the Staryk king.
Told mostly from the perspective of Miryem (the tax collector’s daughter), Wanda (Miryem’s hired help), and Irina (the local duke’s daughter), it is a story of women who take their own destiny in hand and bind together to unleash their untapped abilities.
Beautifully written and filled with magical elements and beloved and clever characters, Spinning Silver is an enchanting tale and a delightful, memorable read.

- Marie- Josée

Staff Picks - LauraSee more
I thought this book would follow nicely after The Handmaid’s Tale. In this world, teenage girls are developing devastating powers, they can cause immense pain and even death. Along with this twist of nature, the entire balance of society shifts. And while the first half of the book is definitely interesting as well as empowering for women, the second half exposes how far feelings of superiority will get you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, power gets exploited. 

- Laura

Staff Pick - TracySee more
A coming-of-age set in a run-down district of Toronto, 'Brother' presents a teenager named Michael growing up in a poor neighborhood alongside his older brother Francis and their mother, an immigrant from Trinidad. Set in the mid-nineties, where Michael is grieving his brother as well as ten years earlier, the story plays out the circumstance that lead to his brother's death. A short but sharp novel, 'Brother' is filled with detail and emotion. 

- Tracy

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Garfield in SpanishSee more

Jeux éducatifs / Educational GamesSee more
Les jeux éducatifs ne sont pas soumis à la Loi du Livre du Québec.
 Toutes les écoles peuvent donc en faire l'achat LÉGALEMENT auprès de La Maison Anglaise.